Give Value, Be Valued!

One of the most common things I hear from organizational leaders is how can I/we grow my network, my business, my career… How can we get more customers, visibility, profits, etc… We should first start with the question, “why”? This is what provides our anchor. Once we determine our anchor, we can then move to the importance of value. You see, to grow our organization, our networks, our opportunities, we must start with adding value. It’s what brings people together and keeps them there.

I have had many conversations with people looking to build their networks. I always share the importance of finding ways to add more value to help others as a resource. Unfortunately, many of us forget what value means. It’s really simple if you look through the lens of the other person. The definition includes “the importance, worth, or usefulness of something”. Adding value can be as simple as bringing a smile to someone’s day.

Today we have more competition than ever, and if we want to grow our organization, we must start by adding value! To do this, we need can stop pursuing and start attracting by learning to become more, so we can have more to offer…

So where can we start?

Smile and Be Compassionate,

Creative and Connected,

Conversational and Collaborative,

Anticipating and Analyzing,

Inviting and Welcoming,

Resourceful and Relevant,

Service with Excellence,

Engaging and Encouraging,

Empathetic and Energetic….

You see, when we give value, we will be valued… which inspires people to be part of our communities, and part of something of value!

Jim Rohn once said success is not pursued, but attracted. How can we attract more? It starts with becoming more, so we can add maximum value in every role!

How can we add more value this year? Start by giving…

Quote of the Day: If it were easy, it would have no value.” -Bill Toomey

Call to Action: Find something you are passionate about, start growing in this area and share with others or ask your leaders to list the value your team provides team members, and start building on this list… You will immediately add value for others in the workplace!  Not sure where to start? Reach out and let’s discuss… I would be honored to provide value!

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