The secrets to building great partnerships…

It’s like and love, trust and commitment, 

It’s the belief, values, and respect with conviction,

It’s not the some days, 

but the every days… 

It’s investing in the building,

…a partnership, a relationship, and companionship between two,

It’s patience, frustration and annoyance too, 

It’s Sooner Magic and faith to help us through the tough times,

It’s deep gratitude in reflection,

of the imperfections that shape our perfections over time,

It’s the easy, and the hard,

…and the return is worth it all! 

What’s your secret?

Power in Words by Bruce Waller

Quote of the Day: A team is not a group of people that works together, a team is a group of people that trusts each other.” Simon Sinek

Call to Action: Make the commitment to build your partnership every day!

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