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As I was watching Tom Hanks, American actor and filmmaker accept his award, I paid close attention to his comments when he mentioned sharing three things every actor should do when they show up to the set or at the workplace. Well, I guess I wasn’t paying that much attention because I actually don’t remember what two of the three things, he said…. but I vividly remember hearing the one thing that caught my attention and stuck with me since as he shared how important it was for people to “bring ideas” to the movie set or to the workplace. It was energizing and inspiring. You see, we are always learning from others which is how we get better in our careers and organizations. Ideas energize us, they inspire us, and give us hope.  Bringing ideas also help us with belonging and validation too! 

One of the things I have enjoyed most about “Life in the Leadership Lane” podcast is hearing ideas from each guest and sharing with all of the listeners. This is why I say it’s more than a podcast… in fact, Kelvin Goss says it’s like a good vitamin that keeps us invigorated all day! 

This week, let’s talk about some ideas… to make impact as we serve others in the workplace and in our volunteer organizations. 

  1. Start a question log. My friend Jennifer McClure, CEO Unbridled Talent inspired me with this idea when we were talking on her “impact makers” podcast. When people ask us questions, we should write them down. When we have more than three of same questions, start thinking about ideas around that topic for support or even start a product or service. 
  • Look for the lead stories each day. In his book essentialism, Greg McKeown shares a story about Nora Ephron, a famous screenwriter known for movies such as “Sleepless in Seattle” and “When Harry met Sally”. She remembers an assignment in high school when the teacher asked students to look for a lead story as it will contain the why, what, and when. The teacher shares the facts: The principal and faculty will be traveling to Sacramento on Thursday for some training with some very well know speakers. They will include an anthropologist, a college president, and the governor. Everyone submitted different lead stories around each speaker… but they were all wrong. The lead story was “There will be no school on Thursday!” Lol! It’s about looking for the problem, or what’s missing, or the lead to help others see from a different angle! 
  • Lastly, and most importantly… we must be present when sharing ideas or connecting with others. Being present is where we make the most impact. It tells the person you’re important and you value the time and connection… In fact, this was my “word of the year” a few years ago. This takes practice and being intentional.

So how can we be more present? Start by slowing down, holding a firm handshake for a second longer, a pause to ask or answer questions, or as simple as remembering someone’s name as you look them in the eyes while speaking.

One thing we have all learned is that we can multitask such as walk and talk, or write down notes while listening, but what we can’t do is Multifocus… we can’t look at our phones while trying to make eye contact. Be present in your every day!

Let’s review how we can be more intentional about bringing ideas to our organizations…

  1. Start a question log
  2. Look for the lead story
  3. Be present when connecting with others. 

Where do you find ideas? Books, Podcasts, conversations? Share below and let’s keep moving leaders to inspire and change the workplace together!

Quote of the Day: Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

Call to Action: Try one of these ideas above and you will be elevating in every area of your career, your conversations will be moving, and you will find yourself driving in the leadership lane. …and tune into the podcast each week and look for the lead story! It’s a great way to learn grow and share in your everyday!  

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