Happy International Women’s Day

Thankful for all of the strong women that have helped me on my journey including Martha Causey Thornton. She goes by “Marty” and she’s my mom! She gave birth to 5 children and worked multiple jobs to put food on the table for all of us. She is also the step-mom for 2 others. That’s 7 kids! When she was pregnant with her 4th child , she learned her 2 year old son (that’s me) was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a small potato just behind his right eye. Can you imagine the stress knowing your two year old could lose his eye sight?

Her mom, Lillian Vesta Fults was one of my favorites and also experienced some challenging times too… Just a few months after delivering her fourth child (my mom) , she got the news that her husband serving in the Navy during WWII had died during an accidental explosion while loading ammunition on a ship that killed over 300 men and women in port Chicago.

She is a fighter and an encourager. She is compassionate and the epitome of being resilient. She worked multiple jobs early in her career when times were tough just to put food on the table for her family. She is a bowling proprietor and my all time favorite bowling partner. She is also a past guest in “Life in the Leadership Lane” podcast Season One, Episode 36 . So many great memories with her in the world of bowling from our parent-child tournaments as a young child to the High Rollers Championship in Las Vegas to The US Open. She has always been my biggest fan. She continues to bowl in multiple leagues because she enjoys people. One of my biggest joys in life was getting to see her and my dad inducted into the Shawnee Bowling Hall of Fame.

But the greatest gift she has passed on to me is her gift of encouragement. My first recollection of this gift was when I recovered a fumble at the age of 7 in little league football and she came over to congratulate me by telling me I was going to get a 2 liter bottle of Dr Pepper for the effort and great play. I don’t remember the score of the game or the record we had that season. But I do remember how she made me feel. She was always encouraging me to do my best and be happy in life.  Most importantly… she believed in me! Her smile is infectious and transformed our family from surviving to thriving. She’s amazing and she’s my friend.

When I asked her the question; “what’s some advice you would share with others, she answered that it would be the advice she received from her mother, Lillian Vesta Fults…

Always treat people the way you want to be treated; Be Kind”

Today and everyday, I celebrate this amazing women that I get to call mom. I also celebrate all of the women that have made me better including my wife, my daughter(s), and other women in our incredible family. All of the women that I have met on the Bowling Lanes, HR Lanes, and Relocation Lanes. My teachers in the classroom, and teachers in my career. My customers, friends, business partners, clients and colleagues. Today I salute you!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Keep Inspiring and Making this world a better place!

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