It’s time for some new ideas…

I absolutely loved it when award winning actor Tom Hanks stepped up to accept his “Oscar Award” and shared the importance of bringing new ideas with us to work every day. It’s what adds value to our workplace, our community, and our everyday. The more value we add, the more we will be valued. So, what ideas have you brought to the workplace lately? I know, we are all busy… But when we are intentional, we can learn so much by connecting with others… We don’t have to do this alone and there has never been a better time to learn and share something new! We just need to pick up the phone or send the email to say, “hey, I was thinking about you… and what are you doing in this area to get better results”. It can absolutely change your career… So, here is a question – when was the last time you:

  • Registered to learn something new in your industry?
  • Invested in a personal development course?
  • Invested time to look at some new technology to manage your department?
  • Considered investing in a new certification?
  • Completed a personal assessment and shared your feedback with others?
  • Listened to a podcast and share your takeaways?
  • Connected with other leaders to talk about challenges or successes they are having?

Times are changing and moving at a rapid pace… and it’s going to take some new ideas to keep our organizations moving forward. It’s going to take new ides to keep our careers moving forward too! The time is right to learn something new, and most importantly share it with others!

I once heard Jim Rohn share a message about two things we can always share when going through challenging times… The first thing we can share our smile. You never know what someone might be going through. The second thing we can share is a good book referral. It just might provide that next idea or inspiration to move to them to the next!

What is something you recently learned that is noteworthy to share with others? I want to challenge you to send a note or make a call to someone that is on your mind. It might be your boss, a client, someone in your association, a friend, or someone in your family. Send to me too… I want to hear from you and look forward to sharing my ideas too!

Quote of the Day: “Someday is today.” Steve Gleason

Call to Action: Pick up a book, call a friend, accept a meeting offered by a vendor, share a personal assessment link, and start looking for something new to share with your team. This is how we build momentum to move our organizations forward. This is how we add value and will become more valuable in our career.  This is how we live life in the leadership lane!

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