Winning the right way in any organization…

I was recently listening to the press conference announcing Oklahoma men’s basketball coach Porter Moser. Coach Moser was recently hired to replace Lon Kruger after an amazing 10-year career with the sooners and lifetime achievements most notably being the only coach to take 5 teams to the NCAA tournament.  

I was listening to the press conference not just because I’m a fan of the Sooners, but I am a fan of people and so fascinated to hear new leaders share perspective about why they took a job or their plans to move an organization forward. I just love this stuff. I’m listening for immediate plans, goals, values, and perspective as they begin a new chapter. Porter Moser is a family man that can from Loyola of Chicago where he had built a winning program and he is filled with energy…

He shared stories about his family and his journey as a coach. He shared stories about his failure as a coach and learning from his mentors. Then he shared what attracted him to the University of Oklahoma…all of a sudden, my ears opened up to hear what would be next… “what drew me to Oklahoma was winning the right way”. This gave me chills as I thought about that statement. Then I heard him describe what winning the right way looks like: It is about resiliency, and recruiting people that are high character and love to play the game… They are “All-In”!

He talked about the importance of investing in people, having tenacity, and building a staff of life-long learners…  (chills!)

Lastly, he shared winning the right way is not about buy-in… it’s about believe-in! (more chills…)

When I hear this message, I get excited about what’s ahead… This is leadership!

So here is my question for you… How would you define “winning the right way” in your organization? Share below… and start building today!

Quote of the Day: “Build a program not a team! Rick Majerus

Call to Action: Block time this week to write down what winning the right way looks to you and share with your team. Ask for perspective and make it part of your every day.

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