Make connecting part of your every day!

Have you ever thought about the value of having connections in your career? As I continue my journey, I can’t help but reflect each day on the value of so many connections in my career! As a leader, connections are our career!

It starts as an introduction or acquaintance, then leads to a resource or business partner, and before you know it, you become lifelong friends. You see connecting is more than a one-time relationship, it’s an “all the time” relationship. So how do we take it from an acquaintance to a nurtured connection, or friendship? It starts with leaning in and serving. Being curious and learning what’s important to the other person and finding a way to help… That’s adding value, that’s serving. It takes time to build relationships and get to know people, but it takes longer when we don’t make it part of our everyday.

So how do we do this? We serve, and serve more, and keep serving. This is when the connection moves, and goes deeper. It’s when we become interested in them.  Really interested in who they are.  It’s being intentional and purposeful. It’s finding out what challenges them and what moves their sprit to creates a smile like no other. Then making an investment in taking action.

It’s every day in different ways. It’s a call or a text, a social post or a tag. It’s a comment to let someone know you care… it’s sharing things that move you as an invitation to come into your story. It’s a note to say I’m thinking of you or hey this might help you with that project. It’s a text that says hey or how are you or even a challenge to keep going. It’s an emoji smile or sports emoji that says we are on the same team today!

I once read about the “law of connection” in John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership that says we must ask for the heart before we can ask for a hand. Real connection is about serving, caring, and being all as a lifetime resource…

Remember, your network is truly your net worth… and there is nothing more that will give you a greater return in your career than investing in people. Make the investment and connect for life.

Quote of the Day: “Invest in people for the biggest return in your career.” Bruce Waller

Call to Action: Make a list of connections this week, and block time to send a text, a note, a call… do it again tomorrow and the day after. It will become part of your everyday!

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