Master The Power of WHO

Just recently, I was selected as Global Mobility Top 100 service providers presented by Benivo. There were over 4000 nominations from around the world so this was quite an honor to be selected. When this was being announced, I remember sitting at my desk working on a project and receiving a text from my friend Pam that said “congrats on being one of the elite”. I thought, what is this all about? I later pulled up LinkedIn and saw where I was tagged on some posts from a Benivo announcement wishing me congratulations. They had just revealed their Top 100 list to the world on social media. On this list were many industry professionals that I have considered icons, and many that have been (and still are) role models for me in my career. The award said “The Global Mobility Top 100; The Most Admired Service Providers of 2021. As I reflected on what this means, I was full of joy because our goals should never be about being the best, but about living our best, doing our best, and giving our best in everything we do. This is what having a great career is all about to me. Yes, we want to perform and do well, but serving and making a contribution in our industry is where we find the joy. This is what I have always been going for… and the recognition helps validate my lane!

Phil Mickelson recently became the oldest Major Golf Champion in history by winning the PGA… The first golfer to win a major in his 50’s! As I watched him play on Sunday final round, I could feel the pressure of every shot… It was energizing… But what stood out wasn’t necessarily the great shots he made (although the shot he holed in out of the bunker was amazing), but it was the way he interacted with the crowd by smiling, and acknowledging them on EVERY hole. In fact, I saw him give one spectator sitting in a wheel chair a golf ball during the round. The spectators face beamed brighter that the sun… Phil Mickelson’s greatest feat wasn’t that he won another major at age 50, but that he touched so many lives that day and over the course of his career. People that were there will talk about this forever. Look at me, I am writing a blog and adding this story to my new book (Life in the Leadership lane) coming in October 2021.

I am definitely a goal setter… and have had a consistent practice for the past 20 years.  However, if you really want to make impact in your career, don’t start with the “do” goals… start with the “who” goals and they will eventually lead to the do! Make the people investment part of your everyday and it will be the biggest return in your career!

Now, “who” is on your list for inspiration? Let them know… I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you.

Quote of the Day: “People need our presence more than they need a plan.” -Andy Stanley

Call to Action: Make a list of people that inspire you or ask others in your network about people that inspire them… Dig deeper to find out why! It just might be what you need to move your career to the next level!

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