Connect to Serve or Serve to Connect?

I recently shared a story on “Life in the Leadership Lane” podcast featuring my Weekly with Waller segment around “Mastering the Power of Who” in which I talk about the incredible connection displayed my 2021 PGA Champion Phil Mickelson. It was amazing to watch him connect with the crowd while having that much pressure during the final round of the tournament… Go back and listen to the 8-minute recording and let me know your thoughts!

My friend and HR Leader Sheila Shupp later shared a question about this display and how it related to being a servant leader. This got me thinking about connecting and serving and how they both seem to be synonymous. I have been focused on connecting and serving people for many years, and find it interesting how long it takes us to understand this concept. In fact, it’s taken me many years to understand how they both go together. I believe that we can’t serve without connecting and we can’t connect without serving. They are synonymous!

Why is this? It doesn’t matter what role we have in the organization; we must get to know others before we understand how to serve them… At the same time, we must have a serve first approach to build trust before we can truly connect with anyone! So here is my question for you to think about this week…

When you walk into the room, do you focus on connecting to serve people in your organization or do you start by serving people to create a better connection?

Now, how can I better serve you? Share your thoughts… I would enjoy hearing from you!

Quote of the Day: “We can’t serve without connecting and we can’t connect without serving.” Bruce Waller

Call to Action: Talk to your team or your network and ask about strategies to serve and connect with others in your organization. It will absolutely change the game when you make this part of your everyday… Connect and Serve, and Serve and Connect! it’s a win-win in any organization!

This is “Move to Inspirewith Bruce Waller! Bruce is the Vice President of Armstrong Relocation and Companies in Dallas, Texas, and listed as Top 100 Global Mobility Professionals at Benivo. Bruce also serves on the board for both Texas SHRM and North Texas Relocation Professionals.

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