What if we could slow it down?

I was recently having a conversation with a business partner when I mentioned how high performers are so effective because they have this innate ability to “slow things down”. It’s like when you hear an athlete talk about the speed of the game is so much different at the highest level and the ones that succeed are able to slow it down to make the read or the throw to have success. We often struggle with being effective when we get in a hurry and lack the preparation or detail needed to have success. High performers slow down, they articulate points and know the importance of the pause. They lean in and connect with the person across the table, or on video across the world. They make eye contact and hold it just a little longer to connect. You see this with great keynote speakers, athletes, and business men and women across the globe. When we are able to slow things down, we are not only effective with our communication, we are effective with the connection.

I have been serving the relocation industry for the past 25 years and have enjoyed helping families relocate their most personal positions across the US and abroad. I am a fan of our organization because of our history of success for more than 60 years. However, all moves don’t go as planned and creates challenges for the customer and everyone involved. It’s often a stressful time for someone moving and even more challenging when the move doesn’t go as planned. Many companies today are experiencing lots of challenges from a labor shortage to the cost of goods due to the significant demand with supply chain. What has been interesting is that is hitting every industry. Companies are looking for employees in just about every industry across the US and quality is taking a hit because of this one area. This is just one of many challenges we are all experiencing in the workplace.

But what if we all could “slow it down”? What if we could take a deep breath and prepare and plan just a little more? What if we could ask questions a little more? What if we could communicate expectations a little more? What if we could all just listen a little more? What if we could care a little more? What if we could serve a little more? What if we could connect a little more? What if…

When we are able to slow it down, we can identify challenges… and if we are short on labor, or costs are out of alignment, we can stop to have the conversation and hopefully set better expectations to have a better experience. Things may not be perfect, but people will better understand and be prepared when things don’t go as well as we expect.

What can you do to slow down this week? Maybe it is time to stop and have a conversation with your leadership team, your employees, or your customers to set better expectations during a year of challenges… We all thought 2020 was a challenge, but here we are in 2021 with even more challenges and believe there are even more challenges ahead as we navigate through the pandemic, as we adjust to new technologies, as we recruit, attract, hire, train and develop our team members, as we try to achieve goals, expectations, and most importantly perform at the highest levels to serve our customers.

Go ahead… slow it down… and you will find a better speed in every area of your career.

Quote of the Day: “I’ve learned that sometimes we need to slow down to speed up. Busy and faster doesn’t always lead to bigger and better. Robin Sharma

Call to Action: Connect with your team a little longer, ask a few more questions, plan a little more and slow down the conversation to be effective and achieve better results this week.

This is “Move to Inspirewith Bruce Waller! Bruce is the Vice President of Armstrong Relocation and Companies in Dallas, Texas, and listed as Top 100 Global Mobility Professionals at Benivo. Bruce also serves on the board for both Texas SHRM and North Texas Relocation Professionals.

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