This book is for YOU!

Some days are just bigger than others and this is one of them! I am honored and excited to share my new book “Life in the Leadership Lane: Moving Leaders to Inspire and Change the Workplace” has launched and is now available on Amazon.

From the award-winning book Find Your Lane now comes Life in the Leadership Lane where Bruce Waller shares strategies, tips, and advice from leaders on his podcast that will move you to inspire and change the workplace!  Life in the Leadership Lane is about leaders making a difference in the workplace and in the community. What did they do to get started and what are they doing to accelerate. It’s less about theories and more about real stories from real people leading every day.

Ed Curtis, CEO YTexas says “Life in the Leadership Lane is by far one of the most comprehensive books on leadership ever written. Full of cold hard facts supported by real world case studies.  A great read for students to CEOs.”

Life in the Leadership Lane starts with choosing to be “on the air” and making growth day your everyday. Check out the “brick wall of leadership” where you will see bricks of advice to use in your organization. It’s a solid foundation and something that can help you build your own brick wall!

This book will inspire you and your team members to grow, connect, move, and energize each other in the workplace and in the community. It’s time to “Turn up the value volume” and get in the Leadership Lane to begin a new adventure!

Quote of the Day: “Just because you don’t have a certain title, doesn’t mean you’re not a leader.” LaToya Whatley (Quote from Life in the Leadership Lane Chapter One)

Call to Action: Order a copy for you and one for a friend or even your team. Life in the Leadership Lane makes a great gift. Review the book as a team to inspire others. Also, tune in each week to listen to guests share their stories on Life in the leadership Lane podcast! Turn it up! Share a review on amazon too! I would enjoy hearing from you!

This is “Move to Inspire” with Bruce Waller! For more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” and journal “Milemarkers” both available on amazon. Be sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel for weekly messages to encourage you and others in the workplace! Looking for a Podcast? Check out Life in the Leadership Lane” on APPLE PODCAST as I talk to leaders making a difference in the workplace! Interested in a book club? Join our book club “CLIMB” on Facebook.

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