Favorite Quotes from HR and Mobility Leaders at WorldwideERC GWS 2021

As I look at my notes from the WorldwideERC Global Workforce Symposium in Chicago this week, I think about all of the amazing people that shared ideas and perspectives to help us drive a better world of mobility. The “POWER OF ONE” message from CEO Lynn Shotwell was such a great way to kick-off the conference and reminds me that we can create so much more momentum when we speak and share as one. So today, I am sharing with you!

It’s energizing to be around so many inspiring people in the world of HR and Mobility. The biggest takeaway I learned this week is that we all have the same common goal which is to provide a great experience for the candidate and family relocating. It doesn’t matter if it is across the US, or around the world, every move matters to the employee, to the organization, and to the partners involved. It’s the power of one!

I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I did… There is power in words!

“The Power of One: Speak as one, Connect as one, and Grow as one.” Lynn Shotwell

“Imagine a world of part time workers.” Greg Lyndsay

“If you can do your job from anywhere, there is someone anywhere that can do your job.” Greg Lyndsay

“We need to make a bigger investment into recruiting drivers.” Meghan Meurer

“I never want relocation to be a reason we lose a candidate.” Amy Parrent

“Being transparent and vulnerability goes a long way.” Joleen Lauffer

“I’m only successful when my partners are successful. “ Deb Convery

“We have a responsibility in developing our entire service partner network.” Robert Brezosky

“I see this as a time of opportunity to attract people in your organization.” Jack Jampel

“Just because we can send someone doesn’t mean we should.” Christopher Chalk 

“Leading influence on engagement is being recognized.” Andrew Walker 

“People don’t have to be sick to get better.” Harry Wilson

“You don’t have to invent to innovate.” Robert Horsley

“Mobility will be recognized when we can put it in the palm of our hands.” Andrew Walker

“Moderator Andrew: What’s your crystal ball for household goods moving in 2022.  Panelist Ben: More Pain” (I immediately envisioned Clubber Lang in the movie Rocky) LOL!

Thank you WorldwideERC and all of the attendees that made this a great conference. Did you attend the conference? If so, what would you add? Share below…

Want to learn more about the WorldwideERC Global Workforce Symposium? Reach out and let’s discuss. I would enjoy sharing with you.

Quote of the Day: “To get ahead in your career, you have to be seen.” Jack Jampel

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