I just want to start over…

My dad and I were recently talking about when he had a company install one of the very first automatic score systems in the country at Edmond Lanes in Oklahoma around 1974. I was about 8 years old at this time and it was exciting time to see the score populate by itself after each time I bowled. The future of bowling was here… 

Technology has come a long way since then with touch screen technology, but this was a special time as it was the first time we no longer needed pencil and paper. The way it worked was that each bowler would push a lever to your numbered slot when it was your turn to bowl. There was also a panel that you could use to help make scoring adjustments needed when it made an error to erase or correct the scoring frame. Sometimes you had to erase the entire frame to make a score correction which was called “restore” the score.

My dad reminded me of a funny story when I was practicing as a young boy while he was getting everything ready to open the bowling center. I had learned how to use the score correction panel and restore the frame when needed (we no longer needed an eraser either!). On this day, I was bowling trying to improve my score during the day and started a new game.  Hoping I could start strong, I rolled the ball and got a split… It wasn’t how I wanted to start the game, so while nobody was looking, I decided to restore the frame so I could start over 😊… as I was making the correction my dad came out of his office and asked why I was restoring the score after starting the game. Oh no, I thought. He saw that I threw a split… so I responded “I wasn’t ready to start.” Lol! He laughed and walked off. I was caught!!!

You see, when we start a game, we can’t start over… It’s the same for each day. I thought about this as we begin the new year… It’s a great time to reset and start a new year. But once we start, we can’t go back and restore the day. Each day is our score. Each day we get 24 hours to invest in our life, and when it’s gone it’s our score. This is why it’s important for us to be intentional about our everyday… intentionality is about making choices. The choice to get up early, or plan the week, or prepare for that presentation, or even set some goals. When we are intentional, we are in front which brings a sense of confidence and a lot less stress in our everyday. In my new book “Life in the Leadership Lane, I talk about the importance of “choosing wisely”.  Here is an excerpt as you choose how to start the new year or your everyday: 

Choose Wisely

Choose to lead.

Choose to adapt.

Choose to be open-minded. 

Choose to grow.

Choose to volunteer.

Choose to set the expectations. 

Choose to listen.

Choose to share.

Choose to be available.

Choose to mentor.

Choose to collaborate.

Choose to inspire.

Choose to partner.

Choose to be receptive.

Choose to be kind.

Choose wisely… Every choice can help shape the decisions for others in our organizations!

Although we can’t restore, we can still renew, refresh our day… I posted this excerpt on social media a while back and my friend Stephanie Aker added “Choose to Listen”! I really like that too… So how are you choosing to make each day great? What would you add to this list? Share below…. and make every day count! Wishing you continued success in the new year!

Quote of the Day: “Leadership is a choice.” Excerpt from Life in the Leadership Lane

Call to Action:  What choices do you need to make to get you closer to your goals this year? Make your list and share with someone you know for perspective. Choose wisely – everyday!

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