Record your personal journal. A Memoir!

In 1998, my wife purchased a journal as a gift for me to write down my thoughts during my grandmothers last days. It started the journey of writing, reflecting, and sharing with others. I later received some of my grandmother’s journals from my mom and experienced great joy reading her thoughts and sayings she lived by each day.
Capturing our stories is just as important today. Each time we write something down, it becomes a Milemarker in life and helps us reflect on past, present, and future. Milemarkers: A 5-Year Journey was developed as a tool to help you record an amazing collection of your special moments so that you may share with others. When we share what’s inside our heart, it allows us to reflect on our blessings and fills us with gratitude to experience joy in our life. This journal will one day be a treasure for the one that holds it next!

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Here are 10 ideas to help capture your Milemarkers journey:

1. Share gratitude daily.
2. Write down children or grandchildren sayings. 
3. Share moments you experience in the workplace. 
4. Capture family events.
5. Track health and wellness activity.
6. Write down things you learn each day.
7. Write down favorite Bible readings.
8. Use it to note important tasks to complete.
9. Track personal goals or professional development.
10. Write down anything that brings you joy each day.

Daily journaling allows you to reflect on moments from the previous year, and month-end questions will help make your 5-year journey complete.
The important thing is to develop the habit of writing each day. Write with purpose. It will absolutely change your life.

Find your lane and track milemarkers to capture your amazing journey. Share on social media with #milemarkers and let’s experience our journey together.

Wishing you success!

Bruce W. Waller


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