Speaker References
The HRSouthwest Conference Tenet Healthcare
Texas Relocation Network Conference Permian Basin SHRM
APADallas Toyota Spousal Career Conference
Fort Worth HR Strategic Conference WiERC / CRC Fall Relocation Conference
DBU Leadership Plano DallasHR HR Roundtable
DBU Leadership Colleyville Red RiverHR SHRM Conference
Texas Payroll Conference University of North Texas Business College
Austin HR Conference The HRSouthwest Conference – Oct 2018
Oklahoma HR SHRM Leadership DisruptHR OKC – Oct 2018
Oklahoma HR Conference DallasHR Career Transition Nov 2018
Pitney Bowes Sales Conference

What are attendees saying…? 

Thank your wonderful presentation at the WiERC/CRC meeting yesterday in Lake Geneva! I loved it! Also, thank you for the book – I can’t wait to read it! Tonya Krebs

“I had the pleasure of seeing Bruce Waller last week as the motivational speaker at TRN. Excellent presentation with a lot of real world solutions.” Denise Porter

“Really enjoyed your presentation at TRN yesterday. You inspired me to make some new choices and reset my GPS. Thank you.” – Melonee Piperi 

“Bruce brings a unique perspective on leadership development that encourages and inspires those to move forward with their career ambitions. His presentation helped our members channel their goals in such a way, that the impact they’ll have in their organizations will continue for a long time. His knowledge and lessons of navigating the importance of goal setting and development has left a lasting impact with our members and our organization. If you haven’t heard Bruce, we highly suggest bringing him into your organization.” – PBSHRM Board of Directors 

Bruce recently presented ‘Find Your Lane’ to a group of HR professionals at Tenet Healthcare. We couldn’t have asked for a more engaging and insightful presentation. Here are a few comments from our employees:

Bruce came with an energy that was both refreshing and inspiring. Not at all what I expected but exactly what I needed to hear. His enthusiasm is unmatched and is well worth listening to. I can’t wait to finish reading Find Your Lane and I will definitely be implementing GPS as much and as often as I can. Alexis Rivers 

This was a great experience to listen to someone with great advice and such a contagious attitude and outlook on life. I learned a lot and was encouraged to keep my goals in the forefront and find my lane! Dana Smith

Bruce has a dynamic and heartfelt personality! I enjoyed every minute of his presentation on “Find your Lane” from the time I entered the room until I left! He captures the essence of a goal and how you need to change your GPS in order to experience success! Thanks to his class I will fuel up each day with a purpose and expand my growth and learning horizons! Renda M McElroy

(I was) really inspired by this session. When he said that the route you choose matter, I thought “ I wish someone would have really put that in my head when I was younger”. I tell my 14 year old daughter all the time that what you are doing now sets the tone for where you will end up. We all have said these words: If I knew then what I know now, things may be this way or ended up that way. So yes the choices you make shape who you are. I really enjoyed his session! Takesha Clark

I learned that seeing my goals written down will help me to achieve them quicker! Felicia Garner
Bruce’s presentation made me realize that I need to light a fire and pursue some things that I have been putting off! Ebony Fort

I would highly recommend Bruce as a team building or motivational speaker. He is able to immediately engage the crowd and encourages people to apply his ideas to their own lives. Excellent! Shelley Giles, Director, Tenet Healthcare

If you want a speaker who will motivate, inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be, Bruce Waller is the one!  Bruce is a person one likes immediately!  He is passionate about people, potential, and possibilities – all the time / every time!  Bruce is a master at taking the complicated and turning it into actionable steps for a roadmap of successful growth throughout life’s journey.  Recently speaking to business leaders attending the Leadership Empowerment Lecture Series at DBU, all walked away with tools to immediately begin delivering greater results in every facet of life.  I highly recommend Bruce Waller, a gifted and talented strategic leader and speaker! -Sandra Reid, Chair, Graduate School of Business, DBU.

Bruce brought  a wealth of knowledge and charisma to the room when presenting to Fort Worth HR during our most recent conference.  If you haven’t read the book “Find Your Lane” run out right now and purchase it.   Bruce’s advice can be used in your profession as well as in your personal life, very informative. -Dottie Muldowney, Fort Worth HR Programs Director


Contact Bruce Waller for your next general meeting or conference… 

  1. Find Your lane: Power up the onboarding experience when relocating talent. This presentation focuses on different options for your employees relocating in US or abroad.
  2. Find Your Lane: Change your GPS and experience success. This presentation focuses on leadership development and the importance of having a strategic mindset for developing talent in the workplace.

Bruce W. Waller, CRP, PHR, SHRM-CP

Vice President, Corporate Relocation

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