"Thank you Bruce for speaking at our Joint Wisconsin & Chicago Relocation Council Meeting at the Grand Geneva on September 13th. You made our conference!"
Jennifer Breen
President, Suite Home
"Malcom Gladwell in his book "The Tipping Point" talks about the importance of connectors. I don't believe you will find a better living embodiment of a connector than Bruce Waller."
Mike Shaw
HR Strategist
The Culture Architect
"Bruce is my go to person for all relocation needs! He is able to work with both the company and the employee with efficiency, empathy, excellent response and the right price for the relocation."
Laurie Collins, SPHR
Senior HR Leader
Suite Home Chicago


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About Bruce

My name is Bruce Waller and I am the Vice President of Corporate Relocation for Armstrong Relocation and Companies in Dallas, Texas. I help companies move their most trusted asset, their people, by helping HR professionals relocate talent across the US and abroad. I have enjoyed many roles in the relocation and transportation industry from operations to general management since 1995. Today, I personally support multiple clients with more than 700 moves annually.

Find Your Lane

Find Your Lane is an inspirational book filled with leadership lessons to help encourage you on your journey. The GPS (Grow, Plan, and Share) approach will help you navigate on your journey for a better experience in your career.

Milemarkers: A Five Year Journey

Record your personal journal. A Memoir! In 1998, my wife purchased a journal as a gift for me to write down my thoughts during my grandmothers last days. It started the journey of writing, reflecting, and sharing with others. I later received some of my grandmother’s journals from my mom and experienced great joy reading her thoughts and sayings she lived by each day.Capturing our stories is just as important today. Each time we write something down, it becomes a Milemarker in life and helps us reflect on past, present, and future. Milemarkers: A 5-Year Journey was developed as a tool to help you record an amazing collection of your special moments so that you may share with others. When we share what’s inside our heart, it allows us to reflect on our blessings and fills us with gratitude to experience joy in our life. This journal will one day be a treasure for the one that holds it next!

Life in the Leadership Lane

Life in the Leadership Lane starts with choosing to be “on the air” and making growth day your everyday. Learn how to develop influence in the workplace and developing people too. Learn about the importance of growing your community networks, leaning into gratitude, and mic up with belief! Check out the “brick wall of leadership” where you will see bricks of advice to use in your organization. It’s a solid foundation and something that can help you build your own brick wall!

This book will inspire you and your team members to grow, connect, move, and energize each other in the workplace and in the community. It’s time to “Turn up the value volume” and get in the Leadership Lane to begin a new adventure!

Order Life in the Leadership Lane!

Moving Employees?

Many times talent is not available in the area and you need to bring someone in from another city which requires a relocation. It doesn’t matter if they are moving across the US or around the world, moving is stressful. Let’s develop a process to ease the complexities of mobility for you and your candidates.

Speaking Engagements

Contact Bruce Waller for your next general meeting or conference. Focusing on different options for relocating your employees or on leadership development and the importance of having a strategic mindset for developing talent in the workplace.

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Life in the Leadership Lane Podcast

Welcome to “Life in the Leadership Lane” where Bruce Waller is talking to leaders making a difference in the workplace and in their communities. How did they get to where they are and what are they doing to stay there? Buckle up and get ready to accelerate in the Leadership Lane!